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This class is based on the CrossFit Prescription of “constantly varied functional fitness at high intensity,” our program combines multiple different modes of training and is designed to make you the fittest you can be inside and outside of the gym. Our specialty is not specializing. In this 1-hour group class we could be working on gymnastics, aerobic endurance, power lifting, and much more. The result is a complete gym experience and skill development across all areas of fitness.

Everyday is a new, challenging combination of barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, gymnastic, and cardio movements guaranteed to push your fitness to the next level and make you stronger, faster, and leaner.


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Cardio and core intensive workouts that don't require any prior gym experience, but does require a willingness to work hard! With a focus on dumbbell, kettlebell, cardio, and bodyweight movements, Sweat! is a great way to mix it up.



Not everyone is looking for a group training atmosphere, and some have more specific goals, like endurance training, prepping for a military selection process, or just looking to shed a few pounds and look better for beach season. So, we offer personal training sessions for those who want to find a program tailored to their specific needs while working with a coach 1-on-1. As a personal training client, you’ll receive an opening assessment to find out your strengths, weaknesses, goals, competition plans as well as any other important information we need to know about you. You’ll receive programming designed around our goals and abilities, while we continuously evaluate your performance and make necessary changes as guided by you and your progress.



Our USA Weightlifting Certified Coaches help improve your athleticism for sport, prep for competition, or increase strength, speed and power to benefit overall health while having a blast. At Be Epic Athletics our Olympic Lifting Coaches have years of experience coaching and competing, even before the program spawned.. Our dedication to analysis and flexibility within our programming is exactly what every weightlifter needs in a program that will ensure their long-term success.



If you look at Fitness PyramidS, you’ll find nutrition is the foundation of it all, but laying the groundwork for optimal health, wellness, and performance doesn’t always come easy!

“What’s the best “diet” to reach my goals?”

“Should I try Paleo/Keto/Zone/Macros/etc.?”

“When/what should I eat to optimize performance?”

Questions like this can make you feel overwhelmed and prevent you taking even the smallest steps towards change, but Be Epic Nutrition can help. We sit down with each client to discuss exactly what goals you have (short term and long term), current hurdles you have in reaching those goals, and design a plan specific to YOU on how to clear them.

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